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Tonneau, Bakkie & Wheel Covers - DRAB

Tonneau Covers

 We at Drab Covers design and manufacture our own bakkie tonneau covers for extra strength for just about anything possible, from half ton pickup trucks to trailers. All our bakkie tonneau covers are made out of the highest standard of PVC and canvas materials to withstand the harsh South African climate, and the PVC finish has a leather look and feel to make your bakkie tonneau cover even look and feel cool.

Some features of our bakkie tonneau covers are that the elastic shock cord is protected about 90% by the bakkie tonneau cover itself to last longer than normal. There is a sewn on belt system under the bakkie tonneau cover where the bow goes to protect the bakkie tonneau cover for a long time. Our bakkie tonneau covers are also sewn with special UV protected cotton.

All our bakkie tonneau covers come complete with the bakkie tonneau cover itself with the elastic shock cord already attached to the inside of the bakkie tonneau cover with the aluminium slide rail that is attached to the front of the loading bin under the rear window, all hooks and bow clips as well as the 8mm galvanised support bow (bracets) and rivets.


Wheel Covers

Wheel Covers from DrabWe manufacture and design wheel covers for any wheel size you might need out of the highest standard of PVC and canvas materials with extra strength due to the harsh South African climate. You can design your own special image, names, letters and numbers to personalize your vehicle with your wheel cover. The printing done on the wheel cover can also be done in a UV protected coating.

Some features of our wheel covers are that we have a double layer of material on the rim side of the wheel with sponge between the two PVC layers to give the wheel cover a good look and it is also more durable. Our wheel covers are also sewn with special UV protected cotton.

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Bakkie Covers

Bakkie Covers from DrabBakkie covers are a very important item for someone using and owning a bakkie in South Africa. It protects the items stored in your loading bin and also keeps it out of plain sight with an advantage that it makes your vehicle look complete and sleek not even to talk about the fuel savings you will have.

Our bakkie covers are manufactured with the highest of standard of materials of rip stop, canvas or PVC, it is a matter of your own choice to give your bakkie cover the maximum lifespan. We also manufacture roll bar inserts for your bakkie cover with a fraction of the cost when needed and do repairs to existing bakkie covers.

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